CONFidence 2009 trainings

Subject: CONFidence 2009 trainings

I want to remind everyone that CONFidence is happening in less than two weeks.

CONFidence is an international conference that has been taking place in May in Poland for the last 5 years. CONFidence is focused on research and best practices of database, application, systems and network security. CONFidence is a two-day event, (15-16 May, 2009) divided in three tracks. The speakers list includes: Bruce Schneier, Tavis Ormandy, Jacob Appelbaum, Joanna Rutkowska, Rich Smith, Mario Heiderich, Mark Schoenefeld and many many more top security experts.

Moreover, just before CONFidence amazing trainings will be organized:
# w3af ninja - Andres Riancho - 12th May 2009
# Discovery and exploitation of web application vulnerabilities - Andres Riancho - 13th May 2009
# Analyzing and Securing Enterprise Application Code by Blueinfy - Shreeraj Shah & Vimal Patel - 14th May 2009
# Secure Java Programming - Marc Schoenefeld - 14th May 2009
# Setting Up a Single Sign-On Infrastructure with OpenBSD,Kerberos, and LDAP - Jacek Artymiak - 14th May 2009

Small classes (no more than 10 attendees), excelent trainers and deep knowledge.
If you're really thinking of improving your technical skills you can't miss that!

Krakow can be easily reached by regular and low cost airlines  from all major European cities. Pubs and clubs in the city leave the unforgettable memories. The proof can be found here: 

CONFidence Team

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