MSFXDC Metasploit eXploits Development Contest

From: Jerome Athias <>
Subject: MSFXDC Metasploit eXploits Development Contest

Hi there,

MSFXDC (MetaSploit Framework eXploits Development Contest) is a
challenge where the main goal is to code the largest number of new
Metasploit Framework exploits modules.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to code new exploits
modules for the Metasploit Framework (latest 3.x version).
Exploits modules must be new regarding the current Metasploit Framework
SVN repository content.
( Updated to revision 6062)

Exploits modules can be new fresh sploits or old exploits ported to the
MSF v3.x.
(ie: stolen from or MSF v2 modules still not ported to

NOTE: Contesters can take advantage of the MSF-eXploit Builder to
achieve this goal ( )

and you can submit your stuff to:
until February 1st 2009 00H00 GMT

Winner prize:
* Euros 150
* 1 Free VIP Ticket for the FRHACK conference ( )

Points counter:
Working DoS module gives you 1 point
Working web app module gives you 2 points
Working local/remote Exploit gives you 3 points
New fresh exploit (not published before) gives you + 2 points

Classification and all submitted exploits will be publicly provided on:
(including the name/nickname/credits of the coder)

May The MSForce Be With You!

MSFXDC is organized by JA-PSI, French IT Security Company ( ).

Metasploit \u201e is a registered trademark. ( )

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