CVE-2014-1226 s3dvt Root shell (still)

From: Hector Marco <>
Subject: CVE-2014-1226 s3dvt Root shell (still)

CVE-2014-1226 s3dvt Root shell (still)

About s3dvt:

s3dvt is part of the 3d network display server which can be used as
3d desktop environment.


The s3dvt developers forgot to review all the code. There is still a
vulnerable function as in the previous CVE-2013-6825. At the date of
July 1, 2014 the last commit of the s3dvt is still vulnerable and
exploitable. Commit: 1e9c9c53fa192cbf4f79d724b5e6c76374516968

Details, patches, discussion and strategy to exploit at:

Because we found a bug in bash <= 4.3 this vulnerability can be
successfully exploited. Bash bug details at:

Hector Marco

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