Re: ntopng 1.2.0 XSS injection using monitored network traffic

From: Steffen Bauch <>
Subject: Re: ntopng 1.2.0 XSS injection using monitored network traffic

On 23.08.2014 03:05, Steffen Bauch wrote:
> ntopng 1.2.0 XSS injection using monitored network traffic
> ntopng is the next generation version of the original ntop, a network
> traffic probe and monitor that shows the network usage, similar to what
> the popular top Unix command does.
> The web-based frontend of the software is vulnerable to injection of
> script code via forged HTTP Host: request header lines in monitored
> network traffic.
> HTTP Host request header lines are extracted using nDPI traffic
> classification library and used without sanitization in several places
> in the frontend, e.g. the Host overview and specific subpages for each
> monitored host.
> The injected code might be used to execute javascript and to perform
> management actions with the user-rights of the current ntopng user,
> which can be used to disable the monitoring function or deletion of
> accounts making the monitoring system unusable.
> To give a coarse idea of the vulnerability the following python script
> can be used on the monitored network, afterwards the victim needs to
> browse to the Host overview / Host details in the ntopng frontend.
> import httplib
> conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("")
> headers = {"Host": "<SCRIPT>alert(\"xss\")</SCRIPT>", "Accept":
> "text/plain"}
> conn.request("GET", "/", None, headers)
> r1 = conn.getresponse()
> print(r1.status, r1.reason)
> data1 =
> Other users of the nDPI code might be affected as well.
> Steffen Bauch
> Twitter: @steffenbauch

MITRE has assigned CVE-2014-5464 for this issue.

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