Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1 Directory Traversal

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Subject: Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1 Directory Traversal

[--Vulnerability Summary--]

Title: Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1 Directory Traversal

Product: Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1

Discovered: November 9, 2008
Discovered by: Rob Kraus, princeofnigeria (PoN)

Vendor: Walusoft
Vendor URL: No longer exists (no contact information available)
Public disclosure date: January 5, 2009

Affects: Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1
Fixed in: No fix currently available.
Risk: Medium

Vulnerability Description: Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1 are prone to a directory-traversal vulnerability because it fails to sanitize TFTP GET requests. By using a specially crafted TFTP GET request an attacker is capable of retrieving files outside of the TFTP root directory.

Impact: The ability to obtain files outside of the TFTP root directory may allow an attacker to obtain more information about the underlying operating system and applications running on the host.

Keywords: security, vulnerability, tftp, directory traversal, princeofnigeria, gui, windows, server


Type of vulnerability: Input validation flaw
Who can exploit it: Local and remote users

Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1 is an application that provides services for transferring configuration files, firmware files and other types of data using the TFTP protocol. The application should restrict GET requests to the contents of the TFTP root directory to prevent obtaining data from other parts of the host operating system.

Vulnerability Scope: The default installation of Walusoft TFTPServer2000 Version 3.6.1 will allow exploitation of this vulnerability. This software is licensed to and re-branded by many VoIP phone systems manufacturers. Verification of the product origin can be obtained by reading the about page.

[--More Details--]

Exploitation of this flaw is trivial and can be executed using any RFC 1350 compliant TFTP client software. No exploit code is required.

[--Fix or Workaround Information--]

Patch availability: None
Vendor provided fix: None
Workarounds: No patch is available at this time. The analyst recommended work around is described as follows:

\u201cUpon initial installation, the software fails to define or restrict the TFTP root directory to a specific directory and an attacker is able to gain access to operating system files. To fix this issue the TFTP server administrator show explicitly define the TFTP root directory on the System >> Setup menu, Server Options \u201cOutbound\u201d tab.\u201d

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Public disclosure date: January 5, 2009

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Rob Kraus, princeofnigeria (PoN)
Website: www.princeofnigeria.org/blogs

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