Re:Re: Introduction to R-sequence public key cryptography attack

From: Michal Bucko <>
Subject: Re:Re: Introduction to R-sequence public key cryptography attack


Thank you for your response. I already know this research creates great new 
opportunities for tackling numerous NT-related problems, especially in 
cryptography. R-sequence et all, creates new vision of variance in e.g. 

I have not worked with dr. Perelman, but have studied his works for a lot of 
time (also Hamilton's). Dr. Perelman's 
work on flat manifolds and curve shortening flow helped me create new 
approach to numbers (and time). I'm in close contact with numerous renowned 
mathematicians, though. I'm not a mathematician.

When it comes to noosphere project, I know it very well. It made me create one part of 
mathematics for future prediction @ is based on noosphere 
and the second one (more important) on 
topology and R-sequence. Dreambrowse is a place where information is 
converted and processed based on entaglement of twopoints in different 
distance scale, ie. no time is allowed in the sense we got accustomed to. 
For more, please, refer toDr. Perelman's works.

Best regards,

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