[Announcement] ClubHack Mag Issue 20- September 2011 Released

From: abhijeet@clubhack.com
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: [Announcement] ClubHack Mag Issue 20- September 2011 Released

Hello Readers, here we are with issue20 of ClubHack Mag for the month of September 2011. This time the theme is Malwares. 

This issue covers following articles:-

0x00 Tech Gyan - Rootkits are Back with the Boot Infection
0x01 Tool Gyan - Tools for Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis
0x02 Mom's Guide - Introduction to Malware & Malware Analysis
0x03 Legal Gyan - Law relating to Cyber Pornography in India
0x04 Matriux Vibhag - Ostinato - Wireshark in Reverse
0x05 Poster of the Month - Angry Malwares

Check http://chmag.in for articles.
PDF version can be download from:- http://chmag.in/issue/sep2011.pdf

Hope you'll enjoy the magazine. Please send your suggestions, feedback to info@chmag.in

Abhijeet Patil,
ClubHack Mag
URL: http://chmag.in
Cell: +91-9923800379

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