GWExtranet Script Injections & Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Subject: GWExtranet Script Injections & Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

[HSC] GWExtranet Script Injections & Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Attackers may exploit this issue via a web client. An attacker may leverage this 
issue to have arbitrary script code execute in the browser of an unsuspecting user 
in the context of the affected site. This may help the attacker steal cookie-based 
authentication credentials and launch other attacks. A successful exploit could 
allow an attacker to compromise the application by defacing by evil code injection.

Hackers Center Security Group (
Credit: Doz

Risk: Medium
Class: Input Validation Error in scp.dll

Product: Messaging Architects GWExtranet
Version: 3.0

* Attackers can exploit these issues via a web client.

Privilege Escalation:

Attackers can use privilege escalation combined with Java script to deface
with simple injection on the New Event posting board even when "Compose" is off for


Other Vuln Urls:
/GWExtranet/scp.dll/frmonth?filter=<Evil Script>
/GWExtranet/scp.dll/frmonth?user=<Evil Script>
/GWExtranet/scp.dll/frmonth?month=<Evil Script>
/gwextranet/scp.dll/?user=USERID&template=<Evil Script>

URL EXAMPLE:[USER_ID]&[SCRIPT]&[SCRIPT]&Item.location=[SCRIPT]&Calendar.queryMonth=11&Calendar.queryDay=24&Calendar.queryYear=2007&Calendar.queryTime=11%3A00&Calendar.queryAM=1&Calendar.queryDuration=1&Calendar.queryDurationType=3&Item.subject=[SCRIPT]&Item.message=[SCRIPT]&Compose.Send.x=45&Compose.Send.y=6

Google: GWExtranet calendar

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