ANNOUNCE: DEFCON London - DC4420 - January meet - Thursday 15th Jan- 2009

From: Major Malfunction <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: DEFCON London - DC4420 - January meet - Thursday 15th Jan- 2009

hi all!

here is an announcement, shamelessly cut & pasted from the website (i.e. 
alien wrote it really :)

Thursday 15th January.

Happy seasonal greetings and stuff.

The new year rolls in, the Govt 'crazy ideas' talking starts again - 
however here - sanity reigns and thus we bring you:

"Trampoliner - Automatically choosing return addresses for buffer 
overflow attacks" - Tom Keetch

"MUFFIN recipe: How to find software vulnerabilities on Microsoft OS"
"demo of firewire data leakage" - Guillaume Vissian

"Architecture Analysis." - Orac

"failed allocations, more interesting than pie" - xz

All welcome, and if it's your first time you will be talking. Make it a 
new year resolution to talk to someone you don't know at this meeting!

mailing list - login and look at the projects forum for details. the 
list will only accept posts from subscriber addresses! so if you send 
something and it doesn't appear, that's why...


Upstairs @ Glassblower,-0.136878&spn=0.00629,0.021415&z=16&iwloc=addr
42 Glasshouse St, Piccadilly, W1B 5JY

doors open from 7, speaking starts from 7.30 - please try and be prompt 
as some people need to go early to get trains back out of London.

we have private use of the whole of the upstairs till 11.30.

real ale on draught : Adnams Broadside + Spitfire, 'Buccomb' and 
'Doombar'. other stuff on draught : Guinness, Staropramen, Hoegaarden, 
Leffe. even more stuff on draught : Becks, Fosters, 1664

food menu is extensive and most importantly : they do Pie - but they 
stop serving at 9pm!

comment/participate at

see you there!!!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...

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