PacSec 2008 CFP (Deadline Sept. 1, Conference Nov. 12/13) and BA-Con 2008 Speakers (Sept .30/ Oct. 1)

From: Dragos Ruiu <>
Subject: PacSec 2008 CFP (Deadline Sept. 1, Conference Nov. 12/13) and BA-Con 2008 Speakers (Sept .30/ Oct. 1)

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Speaker list and Dojos for BA-Con, September 30, October 1st.
(all presentations in both Spanish and English)


  WPA/WPA2: how long is it gonna make it - Cdric Blancher & Simon Marchal, 
  Security Concerns of Firmware Updates (SPI System BIOS and Embedded  
Controller) - Sun Bing
  A Practical Approach to Mitigate and Remove Malware - Ching Tim Meng
  Advances in Attacking Interpreted Languages: Javascript - Justin  
  Understanding eVoting in post Everest, TTBR world - Harri Hursti
  SecViz 007 - Raffael Marty, Splunk
  Pass-the-hash Toolkit for Windows - Hernan Ochoa, Core
  Linux 2.6 kernel rootkits - Daniel Palacio, Immunity
  Reverse Engineering Dynamic Languages, a Focus on Python - Aaron  
Portnoy & Ali Rizvi-Santiago, TippingPoint
  All the Crap Aircrafts Receive and Send - Hendrik Scholz
  Teflon: anti-stick for the browsers attack surface - Saumil Shah,  
  Hacking PXE without reboot (using the BIOS network stack for other 
purposes) - Julien Vanegue, CESAR
  LeakedOut: the Social Networks You Get Caught In - Jose Orlicki, Core

Dojos (September 28/29):
  Reverse Code Engineering - Edgar Barbosa, COSEINC
  Practical 802.11 Wi-Fi (In)Security - Cdric Blancher, EADS
  Effective Fuzzing using the Peach Fuzzing Platform (2 days) -  Michael 
Eddington, Leviathan
  Assembler for Exploits - Gerardo Richarte, Core
  The Exploit Lab - Saumil Shah, Net-Square

We would like to especially thank the gracious sponsorship of Core, 
Microsoft, and Symantec/SecurityFocus, without whom this event 
would not be possible and/or would be a lot more expensive for attendees.
We also suggest that conference attendees stay a couple of days
longer and go to ekoparty right after this event.



English url:
Japanese url:
(the following should be up soon...)
Spanish url:
Chinese url:


World Security Pros To Converge on Japan

    TOKYO, Japan -- To address the increasing importance of information
    security in Japan, the best known figures in the international
    security industry will get together with leading Japanese
    researchers to share best practices and technology. The most 
    significant new discoveries about computer network hack attacks 
    and defenses will be presented at the sixth annual PacSec conference.

    The PacSec meeting provides an opportunity for foreign specialists  
    to be exposed to Japanese innovation and markets and collaborate 
    on practical solutions to computer security issues. In an informal
    setting with a mixture of material bilingually translated in both
    English and Japanese the eminent technologists can socialize and
    attend training sessions.

    Announcing the opportunity to submit papers for the PacSec 2008
    network security training conference. The conference will be held
    November 12/13th in Tokyo at the Aoyama Diamond Hall above
    Omotesando station. The conference focuses on emerging
    information security tutorials - it is a bridge between the
    international and Japanese information security technology

    Please make your paper proposal submissions before September 1st,
    2008. Slides for the papers must be submitted for translation by
    October 1, 2008.

    A some invited papers have been confirmed, but a limited number of
    speaking slots are still available. The conference is responsible
    for travel and accomodations for the speakers. If you have a 
    proposal for a tutorial session then please email a synopsis of 
    the material and your biography, papers and, speaking background 
    to secwest08 [at] . Tutorials are one hour in length, but 
    with simultaneous translation should be approximately 45 minutes 
    in English, or Japanese. Only slides will be needed for the October 
    paper deadline, full text does not have to be submitted.

    The PacSec conference consists of tutorials on technical details
    about current issues, innovative techniques and best practices in the
    information security realm. The audiences are a multi-national mix
    of professionals involved on a daily basis with security work: security
    product vendors, programmers, security officers, and network
    administrators. We give preference to technical details and
    education for a technical audience.

    The conference itself is a single track series of presentations in a
    lecture theater environment. The presentations offer speakers the
    opportunity to showcase on-going research and collaborate with peers
    while educating and highlighting advancements in security products
    and techniques. The focus is on innovation, tutorials, and education
    instead of product pitches. Some commercial content is tolerated,
    but it needs to be backed up by a technical presenter - either giving 
    a valuable tutorial and best practices instruction or detailing
    significant new technology in the products.

    Paper proposals should consist of the following information:
     1. Presenter, and geographical location (country of
        origin/passport) and contact info (e-mail, postal address,
        phone, fax).
     2. Employer and/or affiliations.
     3. Brief biography, list of publications and papers.
     4. Any significant presentation and educational
     5. Topic synopsis, Proposed paper title, and a one paragraph
     6. Reason why this material is innovative or significant or an
        important tutorial.
     7. Optionally, any samples of prepared material or outlines
     8. Will you have full text available or only slides?
     9. Please list any other publications or conferences where
        this material has been or will be published/submitted.
     10. Do you have any special demo or network requirements
        for your presentation?

    Please include the plain text version of this information in
    your email as well as any file, pdf, sxw, ppt, or html

    Please forward the above information to secwest08 [at] to be considered for placement on the speaker
    roster, or have your lightning talk scheduled. The deadline
    is soon for this one: September 1st 2008.


P.S. We have also set the dates for CanSecWest 2010 for Mar. 22-26.
With the Olympics in the neighborhood a month before we have to
plan way ahead.
World Security Pros. Cutting Edge Training, Tools, and Techniques
Buenos Aires, Argentina  Sept. 30 / Oct. 1 - 2008
Tokyo, Japan November 12/13 2008
Vancouver, Canada March 16-20 2009
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