White Wolf Labs #080826-1: Kyocera Mita Scanner File Utility (Multiple)

From: Seth Fogie <seth@whitewolfsecurity.com>
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: White Wolf Labs #080826-1: Kyocera Mita Scanner File Utility (Multiple)

White Wolf Labs #080826-1:
Kyocera Mita Scanner File Utility (Multiple)

Product: Kyocera Mita Scanner File Utility

Platform: NA

Requirements: NA


     Seth Fogie
     White Wolf Security
     August 26, 2008

Risk Level:

     High - Unauthorized document upload / File redirection / Uploading 
of binaries / Overwriting of existing files


     Kyocera Mita multifunction devices come with the ability to scan to 
the user's desktop. Part of the solution requires a listener at the 
PC/Mac, which handles authorization and document upload. This listener 
has several logic bugs and, as a result, the authorization can be 
bypassed, files can be uploaded, auditing can be spoofed, and the 
storage location can be altered from the configured value.


     Unauthorized document upload - The listener works in conjunction 
with the multifunction device to authorize the user. If an attacker 
connects direct to the listener with a custom program, all authorization 
can be bypassed. This provides an attacker with the ability to directly 
upload a file to the target's computer.

     File Redirection - During the transfer process, the file name is 
provided to the listener. This name can be altered to include "../", 
which causes the listener to break out of the specified file storage 
location and allows an attacker to upload a file anywhere on the target 

     Upload any file type - There are no checks in the listener to 
validate the content of the uploaded file. As a result, an attacker can 
upload any file type with any file name. When combined with the other 
bugs, this give the attacker the ability to overwrite existing files, or 
write a binary into the Startup Folder.

More details are located at:

MetaSploit module is located at: 

Workaround: Uninstall the software from the PC/Mac.

Vendor Response: Vendor has released an update that fixes only the file 
redirection issue.

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