Re: <BASE> tag used for hijacking external resources (XSS)

From: Jann Horn <>
To: Bouke van Laethem <>
Subject: Re: <BASE> tag used for hijacking external resources (XSS)

2011/12/15 Bouke van Laethem <>:
> The <base> tag is parsed outside of <head></head>. This can lead to
> the base being reset, both before and after the <base> tag being
> injected, depending on browser types and versions. As a result, images
> and javascript can be loaded from an attackers domain, and forms and
> hyperlinks point to the attackers domain.

Erm... so you're basically assumint that the attacker can inject stuff
into the page? If that's the case, you should have other issues than
your links getting altered or so, no? E.g. what about javascript

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