Re: Re: [BuHa-Security] Winamp 5.35 (Infinite) M3U File Inclusion- DoS Vulnerability

Subject: Re: Re: [BuHa-Security] Winamp 5.35 (Infinite) M3U File Inclusion- DoS Vulnerability

Hi 3APA3A,

3APA3A wrote:
> Can you, please explain why is this security bug?

I think you mistake my posting. I did not want to say that this issue is a (real) *security* vulnerability but I definitely would call it a DoS bug. 

> DoS is not software crash, DoS is Denial of Service. It means,
> security impact of DoS vulnerability should be preventing (blocking)
> access of legitimate user to some data or service (via data
> corruption, service malfuction, etc).

It seems we have a different understanding of the term "Denial Of Service". In my opinion your explanation exactly matches this issue. As you said DoS is the attempt to make a (computer) resource unavailable to its user via data corruption etc. Here Winamp is the computer resource and the M3U file is the corrupted data. Sure the user can easily recover from this "DoS" by restarting the audio player and to be exact the M3U file is not a great example for corrupted data but I would still call this issue a DoS bug. 

How would you name it? "Winamp 5.35 (Infinite) M3U File Inclusion Stack Overflow Exception"? 

Best regards,
Thomas Waldegger

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