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From your blog:

"While we know there's still a lot of cleaning up to do in their binary planting closet, our research-oriented minds remain challenged to find new ways of exploiting these critical bugs and bypassing new and old countermeasures. In the end, it was our research that got the ball rolling and it would be a missed opportunity for everyone's security if we didn't leverage the current momentum and keep researching. "

I would change that around a bit.  I would say "our self-serving and marketing-oriented minds remain challenged to understand what security really is, but regardless, continue to find ways of trying to convince people this represents an actual security threat. In the end, it was our research that falsely created security concerns and confusion where time was better spent really doing just about anything else, but it would have been a missed opportunity to get our names in the media to sell our security services." 


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>Our new blog post describes some recent changes Microsoft introduced to
>fight against binary planting exploits. The most recent change was the removal
>of a vulnerable COM server on Windows XP which we used in our proof of
>concept at Hack In The Box Amsterdam in May.
>Read the post to find out what else is hiding in the "COM server binary
>closet and what to do to get our PoC back to life.
>Enjoy the reading!
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