Resolved - NNT Change Tracker - Hard-Coded Encryption Key - Originally posted as

Subject: Resolved - NNT Change Tracker - Hard-Coded Encryption Key - Originally posted as


The product employs a portion of legacy code as referenced in the original post. This is used for the product key and some database entries but whilst the strength of the encryption being used here may be a problem for the NNT licensing team, there is no genuine security risk for device data. This portion of code has subsequently been replaced in Versions 5 and patches are available from

Change Tracker works on the principle of layered, multi-dimensional security in line with the PCI DSS that it is commonly used to underpin. The secure commissioning process should include standard lockdown and access-restriction procedures for the Change Tracker server and database server used for device and configuration data storage. Access security should also  be complemented with monitoring using a SIEM solution such as NNT Log Tracker, so any access to the Change Tracker server, the Change Tracker console program or the database will be logged and alerted as unusual activity. 

NNT take security of our customer systems extremely seriously. Anyone with any concerns regarding best practise in Production System security should contact us for further assistance. 

Regarding any vulnerabilities discovered by independent security researchers in the future, we would prefer these are reported to us at before being published. This was not the case in this instance, delaying our opportunity to respond. Thank you.
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