Re: Tool Release: ProcL - Detect Hidden Process

From: Pallav Khandhar <>
Subject: Re: Tool Release: ProcL - Detect Hidden Process


I am glad to release ProcL v1.0.  ProcL employs many different methods  
to detect hidden processes. Essentially, ProcL detailed and  
implemented a mechanism to embed all these different approaches in one  
tool to detect hidden processes. Our methods of detecting hidden  
processes requires the examination of each kernel object - EPROCESS,  
ETHREADS, HANDLES, JOBS. Therefore, we believe, ProcL would defeat  
process concealment from one certain method.

Hiding a process is particularly threatening because it represents  
some malicious code running on your system that you are completely  
unaware of. Process hiding has a significant effect. Many of the  
trojan, virus, spyware, rootkit writers use similar techniques to hide  
themselves and stay undetected as long as possible on target machines.  
Finding all the ways a rootkit might hide a process is just the first  
step in defending against the rootkits. Detecting hidden objects is a  
promising new area in rootkit detection.

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Pallav Khandhar
Sr. Security Researcher
Scanit R&D Lab

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