Kaseya VSA 6.5 Parameter Reflected XSS, Enumeration and Bruteforce Weakness

From: Patrick Webster <patrick@osisecurity.com.au>
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: Kaseya VSA 6.5 Parameter Reflected XSS, Enumeration and Bruteforce Weakness




Affected version:
Kaseya VSA v6.5.0.0.

Vulnerability details:

1. The "forgot password" function at https://[target]/access/logon.asp
reveals whether a username is valid/exists or not, which assists with
brute force attacks. An incorrect username responds with \u20ac\u0153No record of
this user exists\u20ac, where a valid username returns \u20ac\u0153The system emailed
you a link. Visit it to change your password.\u20ac

This makes it much easier to brute force accounts.

2. The password reset URL, such as
https://[target]/access/resetAccount.asp?id=26756180, is not
significantly complex to prevent brute force attacks. The software
should use a GUID (5.3\u201410^36 combinations) globally unique value
instead to prevent brute force. The server response permits data
matching to ascertain whether a guessed id value is valid or not.

3. The URL at https://[target]/access/accessRoot.asp?page=logon.asp
contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Authentication cookies
may be stolen or malicious HTML or JavaScript etc injected to abuse
the client web browser.




Vulnerability discovered by Patrick Webster

Disclosure timeline:

20-Aug-2014 - Discovered during audit.
24-Aug-2014 -Sent to vendor.
25-Aug-2014 - Vendor response.
15-Oct-2014 - Vendor partially patched. Additional fixes due in 2
weeks. version
04-Apr-2017 - Public disclosure.

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