SyScan'10 CFP

From: <>
Subject: SyScan'10 CFP


This year, SyScan'10 will be held in the 4 exciting cities of Singapore,
Hangzhou, Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City. Details are as follows:

*/SyScan'10 Singapore
/*date: 17 \u20ac\u201c 18 June 2010

*/SyScan'10 HangZhou
/*date: 10 - 11 July 2010

*/SyScan'10 Taipei
/*date: 19 \u20ac\u201c 20 August 2010

*/SyScan'10 Ho Chi Minh City/*

date: 23 \u20ac\u201c 24 September 2010

The Call for Papers committee for SyScan\u20ac\u212210 comprises of the following

1. Thomas Lim \u20ac\u201c Organiser of SyScan and CEO of COSEINC
2. Dave Aitel \u20ac\u201c Founder and CTO of Immunitysec
3. Marc Maiffret \u20ac\u201c Ex-Founder and Chief Hacking Officer of eEye
4. Matthew \u20ac\u0153Shok\u20ac Conover \u20ac\u201c Symantec

The CFP committee will review all submissions and determine the final
list of speakers for SyScan\u20ac\u212210.

The focus for SyScan\u20ac\u212210 will include the following:

*1.        **Operating Systems*

\u0178   Windows 7**

\u0178   Vista**

\u0178   Linux**

* *

*2.        **Virtualization*

* *

*3.        **Cloud Computing*

* *

*4.        **Browsers*

\u0178   IE

\u0178   Chrome

\u0178   Firefox

* *

*5.        **Mobile Devices/Embedded systems/Gadgets*

\u0178   Smart Phones/iPhones/Androids

\u0178   Games Consoles

\u0178   E-Readers

*6.        **Web 2.0 **
*    \u20ac Web services
    \u20ac PHP
    \u20ac .Net/.asp
    \u20ac Web applications


*7.        **Networking/Telecommunication *
    \u20ac VoIP
    \u20ac 3G/3.5G network
    \u20ac IPv6
    \u20ac WLAN/WiFi
    \u20ac GPRS


*8.        **Malware/Rootkits*

* *

*9.        ** BotNets*

* *

*10.    ** Security Policy/Best Practices*

* *

*11.    ** Legislation*


*12.    **Any topics that will catch the attention of the CFP committee
and/or the world. *

* *

Speakers\u20ac\u2122 Privileges:
\u20ac Return economy class air-ticket for one person.
\u20ac 3 nights of accommodation.
\u20ac Breakfast, lunch and dinner during conference.
\u20ac After-conference party.
\u20ac A very healthy dose of alcohol and fun.
\u20ac S$500 cash for speakers with brand new presentations.

CFP submission must include the following information:

1) Brief biography including list of publications and papers published
previously or training classes conducted previously.
2) Proposed presentation/training title, category, synopsis and
3) Contact Information (full name, alias, handler, e-mail, postal
address, phone, fax, photo, country of origin, special dietary
4) Employment and/or affiliations information.
5) Any significant presentation and educational/training
6) Why is your material different or innovative or significant or an
important tutorial?

Please note that all speakers will be allocated 50 minutes of
presentation time. Any speakers that require more time must inform the
CFP committee during the CFP submission.


You are also required to send in a full technical paper of your

All submissions must be in English and in PDF format only. The more
information you provide, the better the chance for selection. Please
send submission to <>.

Final CFP Submission \u20ac\u201c 31^st March 2010.
Notification of Acceptance \u20ac\u201c 16th April 2010.
Final Submission for Accepted Presentation Material \u20ac\u201c 31st May 2010

Final CFP Submission \u20ac\u201c 30th April 2010.
Notification of Acceptance \u20ac\u201c 16th May 2010.
Final Submission for Accepted Presentation Material  \u20ac\u201c 25th June 2010.

Final CFP Submission \u20ac\u201c 31st May 2010.
Notification of Acceptance \u20ac\u201c 16th June 2009.
Final Submission for Accepted Presentation Material  \u20ac\u201c 5th August 2010.

Final CFP Submission \u20ac\u201c 30th June 2010.
Notification of Acceptance \u20ac\u201c 16th July 2010.
Final Submission for Accepted Presentation Material  \u20ac\u201c 3rd September 2010.

Please feel free to visit SyScan website to get a feel what this
conference is all about \u20ac\u201c SHARE AND HAVE FUN!

By agreeing to speak at the SyScan'10 you are granting Syscan Pte. Ltd.
the rights to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your
presentation including but not limited to, printed
and/or electronic advertisements, and all other mediums.

thank you
thomas lim

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