CVE-2012-6451 Authentication Bypass in LOREX IP Cameras

Subject: CVE-2012-6451 Authentication Bypass in LOREX IP Cameras

Product: Lorex LNC116 and LNC104 IP Cameras
Vendor: LOREX Technology Inc.
Vulnerability Type: Authentication Bypass
Vulnerable Firmware Version(s): 030312 and earlier
Tested Firmware Version: 030312
Fixed Firmware Version: 030405
Solution Status: Fixed by Vendor
Vendor Notification: December 22, 2012 
Public Disclosure: February 5, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2012-6451
Credit: Jason Doyle / Twitter @jasond0yle

Advisory Details:
The camera\u2019s web interface uses HTTP Basic for authentication, but authentication details are only validated on the 

home login page. By forced browsing, or navigating directly to any valid URL on the web interface other than the 

homepage, it is possible to bypass authentication.

It's possible to view the live video feed and/or change all configurable settings anonymously.
Proof of Concept:
Navigate directly to http://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/display.cgi to view the camera\u2019s live video feed anonymously.
Upgrade to firmware version 030405.

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