Onapsis Research Labs: Onapsis Bizploit - The opensource ERP Penetration- Testing framework

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Subject: Onapsis Research Labs: Onapsis Bizploit - The opensource ERP Penetration- Testing framework

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Dear colleague,

We are proud to announce the release of Onapsis Bizploit, the first opensource ERP Penetration Testing framework.

Presented at the renowned HITB Dubai security conference, Bizploit is expected to provide the security community with a basic framework to support the
discovery, exploration, vulnerability assessment and exploitation of ERP systems.

The term "ERP Security" has been so far understood by most of the IT Security and Auditing industries as a synonym of \u20ac\u0153Segregation of Duties\u20ac. While
this aspect is absolutely important for the overall security of the Organization's core business platforms, there are many other threats that are
still overlooked and imply much higher levels of risk. Onapsis Bizploit is designed as an academic proof-of-concept that will help the general
community to illustrate and understand this kind of risks.

Currently Onapsis Bizploit provides all the features available in the sapyto GPL project, plus several new plugins and connectors focused in the
security of SAP business platforms. Updates for other popular ERPs are to be released in the short term.

Your can download the software freely from http://www.onapsis.com

Best regards,

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