Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in ELBA5 Electronic Banking

From: Florian Bogner <>
To: <>, <>
Subject: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in ELBA5 Electronic Banking

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in ELBA5 Electronic Banking

Affected product: ELBA5 Network Installation (
CVSSv3 Score: 10.0 (
Vulnerability Status: Fixed with version 5.8.1
Author: Florian Bogner @ Bee IT Security Consulting e.U.
Tested on: Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2018
Release Date: 16-Nov-2019
CVE:  Not requested
Full Vulnerability Write Up:

Product Description
ELBA5 ( is one of Austria’s most important business-focused electronic banking applications. It is used by the finance departments of many large organizations and supports about 24 different banks.

Vulnerability Description
During a detailed analysis of the ELBA5 network installation, a design issue in the backend authentication module was identified. This issue could be abused to gain full control over the SQL Anywhere database of the ELBA5 server component. As this service was running within the context of the SYSTEM user, full control over the underlying server operating could be gained. Additionally, it was also possible to modify any data stored within the database. This especially includes queued wire transfers.

Further Details
A full writeup of the underlying issues, as well as a reliably working Python exploit is available at:

Suggested Solution
Everyone should update to the latest ELBA5 release, namely version 5.8.1.
A lot of testing went into making the transition to a new authentication module completely transparent for end-users.

I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in fixing this issue. It was a great pleasure working with you guys!


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