Tool: PorkBind v1.3 Nameserver Security Scanner (New Version)

From: Derek Callaway <>
Subject: Tool: PorkBind v1.3 Nameserver Security Scanner (New Version)

This program retrieves version information for the nameservers of a domain
and produces a report that describes possible vulnerabilities of each.
Vulnerability information is configurable through a configuration
file; the default is porkbind.conf. Each nameserver is tested for 
recursive queries and zone transfers. The code is parallelized with 

ChangeLog for this version:

Wrote in-a-bind shell script that scans random domain names from DMOZ
Implemented recursive query testing
Changed porkbind.conf to use CVE numbers in addition to CERT alerts
Modified text displayed on stdout to make it more parsable
Licensed with GNU Lesser General Public License
Fixed timeout/concurrency/memory corruption bugs
Fixed improper comparison of alpha/beta version numbering bug
Added typecasts to silence compiler warnings

- Derek

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