Buffer Overflow in My Wifi Router Software

From: sudson08@gmail.com
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: Buffer Overflow in My Wifi Router Software

Hi there,

I have seen a buffer overflow in My Wifi Router software version 1.0

The link of the software is available :- http://mywifirouter.software.informer.com/1.0/

Exploit :-  After running the software you will see two places to enter details i.e "Hotspot Name" and "Password".

To exploit this issue you have to enter Hotspot name more than 30 characters. which will force the OS exception handler to kick in and close the software. 

I have analyzed this issue via immunity debugger and found that EDI Register gets overwritten with A's which can be further used for exploitation

Thanks and Regards,
Sudhakar Dwivedi

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