Interesting things at, DNS-whitepaper available--tomorrow

From: Bernhard Mueller <>
To: Full Disclosure <>
Cc: Bugtraq <>
Subject: Interesting things at, DNS-whitepaper available--tomorrow


We recently decided to release some of our research to the public, so
selected presentations from our internal tech meetings will from now on
be available for download at SEC Consult website. The presentations
(some of which are in german) will include everything from general
howtos to highly specialized pentesting-stuff.
We will also release a whitepaper on a variant of the new DNS poisoning
attack tomorrow. We wrote this whitepaper along with an exploit a while
ago, and somehow managed NOT to leak it to the press before the Kaminsky
talk :)
The presentations and whitepapers, along with our past presentations
from Blackhat and Deepsec, can be found at:

Here are some links to what is already online:

* A german guide to WEP/WPA cracking, by Johannes Greil:

* A presentation on the method of using DLL injection to interface to an
SSL connection used by a running process (I used this for
blackbox-testing certain binary SSL client/server applications):

* A short presentation on a method of error-based SQL injection in
Sybase databases, by Thomas Kerbl:

I hope that some of you will find this useful.


Bernhard (Certified Internet Security Superstar)


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