Tool availability - browser DOM Checker

From: Michal Zalewski <>
Subject: Tool availability - browser DOM Checker


Along with my colleague Filipe Almeida, I'd like to announce the 
availability of DOM Checker, an automated tool for validating browser 
security policy enforcement. The project is hosted at:

The tool features several fairly neat features, including exhaustive 
hierarchy crawling and side-channel blind write validation to reduce the 
number of false positives.

DOM Checker had been used to find a number of major security bypass and 
information disclosure problems in several popular browsers, and we had 
worked closely with vendors to resolve them (although it's worth noting 
that the tool still reports anywhere from 10 to 30 low-risk, 
design-related information disclosure issues in these programs).

Our hope is that this tool may serve as a framework for ongoing browser 
security research, and would be integrated by browser vendors with their 
regression testing and general release QA processes.

Please note that this code is experimental - if you encounter any 
problems, or simply have an idea on how to make it better, let us know.


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