CVE-2012-6452 Axway Secure Messenger Username Disclosure

Subject: CVE-2012-6452 Axway Secure Messenger Username Disclosure

Product: Axway Email Firewall
Component: Secure Messenger
Vendor: Axway
Vulnerable Version(s): 6.5 and earlier on the Email Firewall (EMF) platform only
Tested Version: 6.3.2 (Build 4230)
Vendor Notification: December 8, 2012 
Vendor Patch: Secure Messenger version 6.5.0 Updated Release 7
Public Disclosure: January 17, 2013
Vulnerability Type: Username Disclosure
CVE Reference: CVE-2012-6452
Solution Status: Fixed by Vendor
Credit: Jason Doyle / FishNet Security
Advisory Details:
When authenticating to Secure Messenger on Axway's Email Firewall, vulnerable versions return different HTTP header responses for users that exist and users that do not exist when an incorrect password is supplied. Specifically, two (2) JSESSIONIDs are returned for valid users, and one (1) for invalid users.
Upgrade to Secure Messenger version 6.5 Updated Release 7, or migrate to Axway MailGate 5.2.0 (or later) for the equivalent functionality.

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