Kojoney (SSH honeypot) remote DoS

From: Nicob <nicob@nicob.net>
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk,bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: Kojoney (SSH honeypot) remote DoS

[=] Affected software : 

        Name : Kojoney
      Description : Low interaction SSH honeypot
 Version : <
        Service : TCP/22

[=] Patched version : 


[=] Technical details : 

Emulation of the wget and curl commands is made via calls to
urllib.urlopen(url). The only sanity check is the following :

        if url.find("://") == -1:
                url = "http://" + url

This will catch some attempts to access local files like
"file:/etc/hosts" but requesting "file://localhost/foo/bar" is still

Under Linux, this can be used to access "file://localhost/dev/urandom".
The kojoney.py process will then use 100% of CPU and will grow in
memory, until killed by the kernel OOM Killer.

[=] Note :

When exploiting urlopen() related vulnerabilities in Python
applications, some little known features can come handy :

=> returned value is "HelloWorld"

=> returned value is the EICAR test string

And yes, these strings too bypass the "://" Kojoney check ;-)


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