Sitecore CMS 6.4 Open URL Redirect Vulnerability

From: Tom Neaves <>
Subject: Sitecore CMS 6.4 Open URL Redirect Vulnerability

Product Name: Sitecore CMS 6.4
Date: 28 July, 2011
Author: <>
Original URL:
Discovered: 30 June, 2011
Disclosed: 28 July, 2011


Sitecore is a CMS system used widely throughout the world by businesses, universities and banks.  A vulnerability exists that
allows an attacker to insert content from a malicious site within the context of Sitecore.  A user could be tricked into thinking
the content originated from the trusted site when infact it is from the attacker's.


An Open URL Redirection Vulnerability exists in Sitecore CMS 6.4 (and previous versions) which allows an arbitrary URL (content)
to be injected into the page.  The Sitecom titlebar window is still shown to the user however the content that is loaded comes from
the user specified location.  An attacker could provide content from a malicious site which the user would believe originated from
the trusted site - particularly with the Sitecom titlebar window still present.  This URL is accessible by unauthenticated users -
therefore ideal for a phishing attack.


As an unauthenticated user, the "url" parameter can be manipulated in the GET request to an arbitrary value:


Affected Versions: All versions of Sitecore up to and and including CMS 6.4 (Sitecore.NET 6.4.1 (rev. 110324)).


30 June, 2011 - Contacted vendor.
30 June, 2011 - Vendor acknowledged and confirmed vulnerability (348199)
27 July, 2011 - Vendor releases update (CMS 6.4.1 update-3)
28 July, 2011 - Vulnerability publicly disclosed.


Discovered by Tom Neaves (Verizon Business)

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