Re: WinRAR SFX v5.21 - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Subject: Re: WinRAR SFX v5.21 - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

I am WinRAR developer. We published the official comment on here:

This "vulnerability" is a non-issue. Why attempting to find some hackish esoteric way for a feature, which presents in SFX archives officially. Any SFX archive can run contained executable files, it is required for installers. Any SFX archive just like any exe file and any software installer is potentially dangerous for user computers and must be started only if received from a trustworthy source.

Self-extracting archives are .exe themselves, one of their basic functions is code execution for executables stored in archives. They also allow to run any kind of web downloaders, because it is
needed for software installers. So that researcher discovered that self-extracting archives, which are exe themselves and designed
to be able to run contained exe, can actually run exe. No surprise here and no new risks for users. All associated risks are already present in standard SFX functions and exe design.

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