Re: SSH host key fingerprint - through HTTPS

From: Jamie Riden <>
To: Lukasz Biegaj <>
Subject: Re: SSH host key fingerprint - through HTTPS

If your HTTPS is not being MiTMed as well... (or the edge case - if it
is not John Leo doing the MiTMing of your SSH connection :)

If you trust Mr Leo *and* you know what that HTTPS cert should look
like, it may be of use. Personally, I'd rather do it more out-of-band
than this, but could be handy in a pinch I guess.


On 2 September 2014 07:38, Lukasz Biegaj <> wrote:
> W dniu 01.09.2014 o 17:16, Chris Nehren pisze:
>> It's Monday and I haven't had my tea yet, so maybe I'm missing something.
>> What is it?
> It rules out the possibility, that your ssh connection is being MITMed. If
> key reported by your ssh client is different than key reported by this
> website, then you shouldn't bother server admin with it, as the issue is in
> your network.
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> Łukasz Biegaj

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