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> From: Florian Echtler []
> Sent: Tuesday, 13 November 2007 20:00
> > If I read the law correctly, it requires retention of "what IP
> > connected to another IP" and "which phone number called where." It
> > doesn't bother retaining the URL called (my German is rusty, so I
> > be a little off in my interpretation). Connecting to a random IP on
> > random open port (80 and 443, for example) would be a good start to
> > accomplish the goal creating chatter. The issue is that the search
> > terms to find those ports could lead to connecting to a site that
> > increases your profile against general background chatter, even as
> > is raised with random connection traffic.
> As a native German speaker, allow me to clarify: with respect to IP
> communication, the law mandates saving the following information for 6
> months:
> - which customer was assigned which IP for what timespan
> - sender mail address, receiver mail address and sender IP for each
> mail
> - in case of VOIP: caller and callee phone number and IP address
> So it wouldn't make much sense to create connection noise on a TCP or
> HTTP basis, as this stuff isn't logged. I think one should rather
> concentrate on generating email noise in this regard.
> Yours, Florian

Hi Florian,

The issue with sending email noise is that there is already too much of
it already and it is already classified under the banner "spam".  I can
almost guarantee that were you to start sending random email to many
servers, most of their owners would block your IP immediately, or at
least look at ways of adding you to RBLs and reporting you to whichever
authorities are responsible for enforcing anti-spam and anti-DOS laws.


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