DeepSec 2011 Conference - Final Schedule Published

From: DeepSec Conference <>
Subject: DeepSec 2011 Conference - Final Schedule Published

== DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2011 "High Five" ==

The fifth DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference is taking place between
15th and 18th November 2011 at the Imperial Riding School Renaissance
Hotel in Vienna, Austria.

DeepSec 2011 features 0talks and 0tools never presented or published before!

== Schedule ==

The schedule of all presentations can be found on our web site:

Duncan Campbell will talk about how terrorists use encryption in their
communication. Alex Plaskett will talk about owning Windows Phone 7 (WP7).
Bogdan Alecu shows how to compromise mobile phones by sending a special
crafted SIM Toolkit command message. Laurent 'kabel' Weber describes the
enhancement of scapy, the powerful interactive packet manipulation program,
by the layer-3 of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) protocol.
Alan Kakareka offers insights into the Russian black market. Mitja Kolsek
explains how to rob an online bank (and get away with it). Juan Pablo Perez
Etchegoyen and Ertunga Arsal will talk about exploiting SAP web applications
and about rootkits/trojan horses in your SAP landscape (two talks).
Constantinos Patsakis and Kleanthis Dellios will offer a way to patch vehicle
insecurities (think r00ted cars). Fernando Gont will present an security
assessment of the IPv6 protocol suite. Tommi Mäkilä and Jukka Taimisto will
talk about the sorry state of Bluetooth implementations. Morgan Marquis-Boire
will address the Infocalypse (a follow-up to Morgan's talk about Digital


- Social Engineering Training for IT Security Professionals
- Attacks on GSM & GPRS Networks
- SAP Security In-Depth
- 360 Degree Security Management using BMIS
- Web Hacking - Attacks, Exploits and Defense
- Hacking IPv6 Networks
- The Art of Exploiting Injection Flaws

If you need to evaluate your own security, do penetration testing or have to
deal with risk management, then we highly recommend attending the conference
and the workshops.

Find a description of the talks and workshops in our blog at:

More talks wait for you at the conference! -

== Sponsors ==

We would like to thank our sponsors that have supported the conference:
Google, Microsoft and the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg.

== About DeepSec ==

DeepSec IDSC is an annual European two-day in-depth conference on computer,
network, and application security. The DeepSec Conference will be held from
November 15th to 18th 2011 in Vienna, Austria, and aims to bring together the
world's leading security professionals from academics, government,
industry, and the underground hacking community.

In addition to the conference with presentations we will offer a selection
of two-day intense security training courses before the main conference.

DeepSec is a non-product, non-vendor-biased conference. Our aim is to
present the best research and experience from the fields' leading experts.

Best regards,
DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference organisation team:

Michael "MiKa" Kafka, DeepSec GmbH
René "Lynx" Pfeiffer, DeepSec GmbH


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