[CFP] Hacktivity 2014 CFP is open

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Subject: [CFP] Hacktivity 2014 CFP is open


Conference: Hacktivity 2014
Date: 10-11 October, 2014
Venue: Budapest, Hungary
CFP deadline: 29 June, 2014
Web: https://hacktivity.com
Twitter: @hacktivityconf

[Who we are]
Hacktivity 2014 will be held between October 10-11 2014. Hacktivity conference traditionally brings together the official and alternative representatives of information security profession with all those interested in the area, in an informal, yet educational, and sometimes deep into the technical form.
[How to participate as a speaker]
This year we are offering three alternatives: you can either give a presentation as usual or you can give a hello workshop.
This is the business as usual. We require similar thing as in any other IT security conference CFP. We are accepting presentations from a wide spectrum of topics including: vulnerabilities of mobile devices, hardware hacking,  attack vectors of telecommunication networks, network security, security of operating systems, browser based attacks, misuse of popular applications, database security, possibilities arisen from server errors, information gathering from business applications, malicious and mobile codes, hacking tools, information warfare, hacker subculture, social engineering, digital forensics, privacy, questions of intellectual properties. But this is just our ideas! It is up to you to apply for a presentation which is in line with the spirit of Hacktivity, namely presenting the vulnerabilities of information and communication technologies from the attackers view and techniques to avoid these attacks.
You should prepare your slide deck in English, while the presentation language can be either English or Hungarian.
As a speaker you will have a 45-minute slot to present your topic.

[Hello workshop]
We all know there is a huge difference between seeing and doing. Real knowledge grows from issuing your first command. Therefore, to help visitors start off learning we organize hello workshop again. A hello workshop should meet the following requirements 
- participants should acquire a definite and useful piece of knowledge;
- it is expected that participants bring their own laptop and that\u2019s all;
- workshop will not have more than 16 attendees;
- it should fit into 20 plus 20 minutes (seeing plus doing) from preparation to take-aways.

It is a challenge isn\u2019t it? But we are sure you can make it! Some of our ideas to get started:
- hello iptables (configuration of sample network, VPN configuration)
- hello metasploit
- hello buffer overflow
- hello rootkits (how to detect)
- hello virus (watch how to catch)
- hello web attacks (XSS, CSRF etc)
- hello injections (SQL, LDAP etc.)

[How to apply as a speaker]
If you wish to participate on Hacktivity 2014 Conference as a speaker, you should send your application in English to cfp@hacktivity.com. The application should contain the following information:
- the exact title of your presentation 
- the length of your presentation
- the abstract no longer than 1000 characters
- your bio no longer than 1000 characters  
- at least 2M pixel portrait of you 
Besides the things above, please send us the detailed description of your presentation. Please describe which parts of your talk are based on your own research. We prefer those presentations which contains live demo and/or introduce new tools.

[How to apply to hello workshops]
If you wish to give a hello workshop on Hacktivity 2014 Conference, you should send your application in English to cfp@hacktivity.com. The application should contain the following information:
- title of the workshop
- description of values it will deliver to participants and the method you plan to use in 1000 characters
- the facilities it requires 
- how many times you are ready to perform (because of the few seats available in a single workshop you are allowed to give the same workshops at the event more than once.)
- your bio no longer than 1000 characters 
- at least 2M pixel portrait of you 

[Why you should perform at the conference]
Well, it is the wrong question, you shouldn\u2019t. However, to present at Hacktivity is a great opportunity to show yourself, to gain experience and to network.

[Selection process]
The Program Committee send a confirmation email to every applicant. The Program Committee makes its decision based on the presentation abstracts and workshop descriptions. The Committee might ask questions in email and require further refinement. You can continue to work on your accepted presentation and workshop until the end of August. Please apply as early as you can, don\u2019t leave the work to the last minute. In exchange we favor those who apply in time.

[Resources we provide]
For presentation we provide the usual presentation equipments, but you should BYOL.
In case of workshop we provide dedicated network, Amazon WS account and the usual presentation and workshop facilities (LCD projectors, microphones). If you need something we did not mention above, contact us!

The speakers are entitled to travel expenses, an extra free ticket, accommodation for 2 nights plus VIP package (for the speaker only). 
For workshop presenters we provide a free ticket and VIP conference package if one take on three or more workshops.

As a speaker or workshop presenter you should accept the following use of your intellectual properties:
- Presentations will be recorded and made available on our web site. 
- To the event a conference paper will be published with presentation/workshop titles and abstracts, the presenters\u2019 bio and their photos. The brochures will be distributed at the registration for all participants of the conference. 
- Presentations and workshop materials will available on the conference web page after the event in pdf form.
- During the presentation we will take photos and use them in our publications and will be published on our site.
- We are not going to use your materials in any other form mentioned above without your prior consent. 

June 29, 2014             Submitting papers with abstracts to cfp@hacktivity.com
July 20, 2014                Notification of accepted speakers and publication of conference program
September 30, 2014  Submission of the final presentations to cfp@hacktivity.com

CFP and program committee:
E-mail: cfp{at}hacktivity.com

General information:
E-mail: info{at}hacktivity.com

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