Nike+ Panel & Mobile App - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities

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Subject: Nike+ Panel & Mobile App - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities

Nike+ Panel & Mobile App - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities




Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Das Nike+ FuelBand zeichnet deine täglichen Aktivitäten über einen im Sport getesteten dreiachsigen Beschleunigungsmesser auf. 
Dann rechnet es jede Bewegung in NikeFuel um. Das Nike+ FuelBand zeichnet Laufen, Gehen, Tanzen, Basketball und die Ergebnisse 
einer Vielzahl alltäglicher Aktivitäten auf. Au\u0178erdem kannst du die Ergebnisse mit einer motivierenden, mobilen Website 
synchronisieren. Also: Anlegen und loslegen. Wie aktiv möchtest du sein? Leg dein Tagesziel fest. Das Nike+ FuelBand misst deinen 
Fortschritt und zeigt ihn dir im Verlauf des Tages mit einer Farbanzeige von rot bis grün an. Wenn du in den grünen Bereich kommst, 
hast du dein Ziel erreicht. Mach aus jedem Tag ein neues Spiel. Brich Rekorde, erreiche neue Meilensteine und schalte besondere 
Errungenschaften frei. Reite auf einer Erfolgswelle und probiere, wie viele Tage in Folge du dein Tagesziel erreichst.

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A Nike+ FuelBand is required to use this app. You must have iOS 5.0 or above installed to use the Nike+ FuelBand app.


A Nike+ FuelBand is required to use this app. You must have iOS 5.0 or above installed to use the Nike+ FuelBand app.
Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. It also tracks each step and calorie burned. 
The App talks to your Nike+ FuelBand, allowing you to see your progress on your mobile device and get the motivation 
you need to get moving.

\u20ac Sync wirelessly, set your Daily Goal directly from the App and decide how much NikeFuel you want to earn that day.
\u20ac Sync your Nike+ FuelBand throughout the day to track your NikeFuel and try to hit your Daily Goal.
\u20ac See your daily activity breakdown and view your progress by week, month, oryear.
\u20ac View your achievement celebrations and save your badges in your trophycase. Bragging optional.
\u20ac Connect, compare and compete with your Facebook friends. See your daily and weekly NikeFuel totals on a social leaderboard.
\u20ac Keep track of your streaks. See how many days in a row you can reach yourDaily Goal.
\u20ac Keep track of your personal bests. Set your records and try to break them.
\u20ac Get notified every time you earn a trophy, beat a record, or reach a milestone.
\u20ac Manage your Nike+ profile and settings on the go.
\u20ac Write about your day and keep a personal record of how you felt. See whatmakes you tick.
\u20ac Share your NikeFuel and achievements with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Get cheered on and stay motivated.
\u20ac Stay connected to the rest of the Nike+ community.
\u20ac The app automatically sends all your information to your Nike+ profile online.
\u20ac Nike+ FuelBand Device required.

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Vulnerability-Lab Team discovered multiple Web Vulnerabilities in the Nike+ Control Panel & fuelband mobile web application.

2012-04-06:   Researcher Notification & Coordination
2012-05-28:     Vendor Notification 1
2012-06-09:   Vendor Notification 2
2012-07-22:   Vendor Notification 3
2012-08-01:   Public or Non-Public Disclosure




Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected in the Nike+ Control Panel & fuelband mobile web application.
The bug allows an attackers to implement/inject malicious script code on the application side (persistent). 

The first persistent vulnerability is located in the profile username input with the bound vulnerable name normal_font listing.
The persistent code get executed out of the mobile application username listing & nike+ index panel username profile listing.

The secound persistent vulnerability is located in the facebook friends module & the bound vulnerable facebook friend name listing.
The persistent code get executed out of the friends (management) when processing to add a user with malicious string in the facebook name.

The third vulnerability is located in the nike+ search module for members and the bound vulnerable alt_header_font title listing.
The 3rd vulnerability is located on client side of the application and gets executed when a register malicious username will be searched.
By injecting any own script code directly without the existing user the code will be executed on client side of the search module.

Successful exploitation of the vulnerability can lead to persistent session hijacking (manager/admin) or stable (persistent) 
context manipulation in mobile apps or panels via sync. Exploitation requires low user inter action and a privileged user account. 

Vulnerable Section(s):
                          [+] Index & Profile
                          [+] Friends/Freunde - Facebook
                          [+] Search - Listing

Vulnerable Input(s):
                          [+] Name
                          [+] Friend Name
                          [+] Titel Header

Vulnerable Parameter(s):
                          [+] name normal_font
                        [+] facebook friend name
                   [+] alt_header_font title

Note: the vulnerability also affect the mobile applications and can be synced with the fuelband. Maybe the bug is also located in other panels!

Proof of Concept:
The persistent input validation vulnerability can be exploited by privileged user accounts with low required user inter action & nike+ sync.
For demonstration or reproduce ...

Review: name normal_font

<li id="nav_profile" class="button">
<a href="/plus/profile/rem0ve23/">
<div class="avatar">
<div class="desc">
<div class="name normal_font">


Review: alt_header_font title

<div class="alt_header_font title no_results">ZU >"<[PERSISTENT INJECTED SCRIPT CODE!]"> WURDE KEIN EINTRAG GEFUNDEN</iframe></div>


The first vulnerability can be patched by parsing the username input (profile) & the affected output listing (index).
The secound vulnerability can be patched by parsing the invited friend facebook name listing (output).
The third vulnerability can be patched by parsing the the search input field and output listing (results) to`zu. 

The security risk of the persistent input validation vulnerabilities are estimated as medium(+)|(-)high.

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