MalBox Release! A Program Behavior Analysis System!

From: Xiaobo <>
Subject: MalBox Release! A Program Behavior Analysis System!

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 MalBox Release!! A Program Behavior Analysis System!

 MalBox is a program/malware behavior analysis system that is able to
analyze the local and network behaviors,including
file/process/registry/network(irc,http,ect.) behaviors,  of a
submitted program/malware, and will send an analysis report to the
email of the submitter.

 Malbox was developed by a couple of students of botnet research team
in Network Security Lab

 of  Xi\u2019an Jiaotong University (one of the top 9 universities in China).

 At first, it was used  to analyze botnet malwares captured by  honeynet.

 Then, we decided to release a web version so as to supply malware
analysis service to people who may need it as well as to collect more
malware samples for research purpose only.

 We may do \u201cnot good enough\u201d, but we won\u2019t do \u201cbad\u201d.*

 Welcome to use our MalBox:

 Malbox is always improving! If you want to contact us, send e-mail to
 dflower.zs (at) gmail com

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