Re: [FD] Mozilla extensions: a security nightmare

From: Christoph Gruber <>
Subject: Re: [FD] Mozilla extensions: a security nightmare

Reindl Harald <> wrote:
> that's all fine but
> * nothing new, independent of lightning


> * how do you imagine a restricted user install a extension otherwise

Real sandboxing, if not possible, give the users the possibility to activate admin-installed extension, and not the possibility to install every shit which comes with a "I am free" or "I am sexy" tag.

> * and no - he must not do that is not a acceptable solution

Yes it is.

> security and usability are always a tradeoff

Not always, and if, sometimes security has to win.

> hence the topic *is* nonsense

No, it is not

Just my 4 cent

Christoph Gruber

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