[KIS-2018-03] SugarCRM (portal_get_related_notes) SQL Injection- Vulnerability

From: Egidio Romano <research@karmainsecurity.com>
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com,fulldisclosure@seclists.org
Subject: [KIS-2018-03] SugarCRM (portal_get_related_notes) SQL Injection- Vulnerability

SugarCRM (portal_get_related_notes) SQL Injection Vulnerability

[-] Software Link:


[-] Affected Versions:

All versions prior to and

[-] Vulnerability Description:

The vulnerability is located within the SOAP API, specifically into the
"portal_get_related_notes()" SOAP function. User input passed through the
"order_by" parameter isn\u2019t properly sanitized before being used to construct
an "ORDER BY" clause of a SQL query from within the "get_notes_in_contacts()"
or "get_notes_in_module()" functions. This can be exploited by Portal API Users
to e.g. read sensitive data from the database through time-based SQL injection attacks.

[-] Solution:

Update to versions,, or later.

[-] Disclosure Timeline:

[13/10/2017] - Vendor notified
[28/03/2018] - Fixed versions released and security advisory published
[31/12/2018] - Publication of this advisory

[-] CVE Reference:

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org)
has not assigned a CVE identifier for this vulnerability.

[-] Credits:

Vulnerability discovered by Egidio Romano.

[-] Original Advisory:


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