Re: Re: Circumventing Critical Security in Windows XP

Subject: Re: Re: Circumventing Critical Security in Windows XP

administrator level doesnt matter much when we talk about antivirus/firewall softwares because nowadays they have a builtin protection that will try to prevent they get disabled, no matter what is the user access rights over the system. if the software can be disabled, then the flaw is in the software itself, and is indeed a vulnerability.

ps: on Windows XP users by default have admin rights when created, the standard user is member of the administrators group. On Windows Vista and later the standard user is admin too but the UAC forces the user to have "user level" rights. but demonstration code has been published to bypass this protection, then again that kind of modification (the modification did by the sc command reflects in the registry in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in which only admins can write data) will be possible.

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