The Gemini Portal <= 4.7 / Insecure Cookie Handling Vulnerability

From: Pepelux <>
Subject: The Gemini Portal <= 4.7 / Insecure Cookie Handling Vulnerability

The Gemini Portal <= 4.7 / Insecure Cookie Handling Vulnerability

Program: The Gemini Portal
Version: <= 4.7
File affected: admin/*

Found by Pepelux <pepelux[at]>
eNYe-Sec -

>> Program description (by the author website) <<

The Gemini Portal 4 is the most scalable, dynamic, and powerful content
management system there is. It is perfect for large business network services,
to the simple personal web site for use with PHP and MySQL.', 'The Gemini
Portal is a dynamic content management system. It is ideal for any size
community, allowing users, moderators, limited admins, and global admins log
in. Many of the built in pages use the dynamic database file system (ArzFS)
to manipulate files and folders.

>> Bug <<

You can access to the admin panel altering the cookie and adding a parameter
in the navigation bar.

>> Exploit <<

Note: POST is not checked and you can enter all by GET. Also you can create a
simple perl script to send GET and POST packages.

First step: javascript:document.cookie = "user=admin"

Second step: navigate by the admin panel adding the parameter '&name=users' in
the navigation bar. Examples:

    to view the main admin panel:

       to list all forums:

     to post a new forum:

       to list articles:

   to create a new article:

       to list all users:

      to edit the admin profile (you can change the admin password)

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