There are lost of xss vul in PHPWind v6.0 !

From: lis cker <>
Subject: There are lost of xss vul in PHPWind v6.0 !

I found the PHPWind v6.0 just filter the xss code when the visitors login in, but it doesnt do it when login off. 
An attacker may leverage this issue to execute arbitrary script code in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site. 
This flaw makes its all the parameters in all the pages have the xss flaws when we login off!
Like "hack.php" "search.php" "read.php"  "post.php"   "thread.php" "profile.php"   "sort.php"  "message.php"  "userpay.php" and so on.

For example:"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>"><script>alert(/Liscker/);</script>
PHPWind v6.0 is vulnerable; other versions may also be affected PHPWind! 

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