SEC Consult SA-20170407-0 :: Server-Side Request Forgery in MyBB- forum

From: SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab <>
Subject: SEC Consult SA-20170407-0 :: Server-Side Request Forgery in MyBB- forum

SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20170407-0 >
              title: Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Vulnerability
            product: MyBB
 vulnerable version: 1.8.10
      fixed version: 1.8.11
         CVE number: CVE-2017-7566
             impact: Medium
              found: 2017-03-03
                 by: Wan Ikram (Office Kuala Lumpur)
                     Fikri Fadzil (Office Kuala Lumpur)
                     Jasveer Singh (Office Kuala Lumpur)
                     SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab

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Vendor description:
"With everything from forums to threads, posts to private messages, search to
profiles, and reputation to warnings, MyBB features everything you need to run
an efficient and captivating community. Through plugins and themes, you can
extend MyBB's functionality to build your community exactly as you'd like it."


Business recommendation:
The patch should be installed immediately if cURL functions are disabled.

Furthermore, SEC Consult recommends to perform a thorough security review of
this software.

Vulnerability overview/description:
1. Server-Side Request Forgery
An attacker is able to initiate socket connections with arbitrary systems using
the internal network interface of the server via the web application's "Change
Avatar" function. This vulnerability can be used to identify internal hosts and
perform internal port scanning.

Proof of concept:
1. Server-Side Request Forgery
This vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker with a registered account
as low as a normal account. If the server which is hosting the web application
disallows cURL functions, the application will use the "fsockopen" function as an
alternative. Below is the example on how the SSRF issue can be exploited.

URL     : http://$DOMAIN/usercp.php
PAYLOAD : avatarurl=http://$IP:$PORT:80

Vulnerable / tested versions:
MyBB version 1.8.10 has been tested. This version was the latest version
at the time the security vulnerability was discovered.

Vendor contact timeline:
2017-03-09: Contacting vendor through the "Private Inquiries" forum at
2017-03-09: Advisory sent through the "Private Inquiries". Vendor has
            confirmed the issues. No specific date on the fix was given
2017-03-17: Vendor confirmed the vulnerability; working on the fix
2017-03-31: Requesting a status update.
2017-04-04: Patch released by the vendor.
2017-04-07: Public release of advisory.

Upgrade to MyBB 1.8.11

For further information see:


Advisory URL:


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