Re: The New ISO Hacking Standard

From: Pete Herzog <>
To: Simon Kilvington <>
Subject: Re: The New ISO Hacking Standard


Should they choose to accept the OSSTMM, ISO will take the OSSTMM 3, 
rewrite it into ISO language, place the pieces in their other security 
standards as needed, or as a whole into 1 security testing standard 
(whichever they choose). What they charge for ISO documents is out of 
our control at that point.

Furthermore, they will not say anywhere that it is the OSSTMM on the 
document (something we disagree with but we will allow for the sake of 
standardization). However, ISECOM may say that the OSSTMM is ISO xyz.

In the meanwhile, ISECOM will continue to offer the OSSTMM and 
continue development with further versions. The typical ISO cycle is 7 
years which by then they will absorb our future version and apply it 
again the same way. The OSSTMM will not suddenly cease to exist and 
development will continue. We will continue providing it as we always 
have and it will continue to be free.


On 5/20/2010 11:34 AM, Simon Kilvington wrote:
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> Hi Pete,
>     if this becomes an ISO standard will it still be available for free, or
> will you need to pay to get copies of it like you do for other ISO
> standards? Also, once the ISO standard is defined, how will new open
> source contributions be incorporated?

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