Re: [Suspected Spam]"Security Assessment of the Internet Protocol"- & the IETF

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Subject: Re: [Suspected Spam]"Security Assessment of the Internet Protocol"- & the IETF


I still not have read all your paper, but my first word is congratulations!
That's an hard job.

Since a quick search didn't give a result for it, and maybe others could
be interested:
The AVISPA (Automated Validation of Internet Security Protocols and
Applications) project aims at developing a push-button,
industrial-strength technology for the analysis of large-scale Internet
security-sensitive protocols and applications.

This website contains all relevant information about AVISPA for project
members, interested third parties and scientists worldwide.

My 2 cents for now

Fernando Gont a crit :
> Folks,
> In August 2008 the UK CPNI (United Kingdom's Centre for the Protection of
> National Infrastructure) published the document "Security Assessment
> of the
> Internet Protocol". The motivation of the aforementioned document is
> explained in the Preface of the document itself. (The paper is available
> at: )
> Once the paper was published by CPNI, I produced an IETF Internet-Draft
> version of the same paper, with the intent of having the IETF publish
> recommendations and/or update the specifications where necessary. This
> Internet-Draft is available at:
> (and of course it's
> also available at the IETF I-D repository).
> The Internet-Draft I published was aimed at the OPSEC WG. And the Working
> Group is right now deciding whether to accept this document as a WG item.
> This is certainly a critical step. Having the OPSEC WG accept this
> document
> as a WG item would guarantee to some extent that the IETF will do
> something
> about all this, and would also somehow set a precedent in updating the
> specifications of core protocols and/or providing advice on security
> aspects of them.
> The call for consensus is available at:
> . You can
> voice your opinion on the relevant mailing-list sending an e-mail to
> . You don't need to subscribe to the mailing list to post a
> message (although your message will be held for moderator approval before
> it is distributed to the list members).
> The deadline for posting your opinion is January 9th (next Friday).
> Thanks so much!
> Kind regards,
> Fernando Gont

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