Kryptos Logic Advisory: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Local Root

From: Kryptos Logic Secure <>
Subject: Kryptos Logic Advisory: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Local Root



          IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Local Root

                Kryptos Logic, December 2010


=====[ Timeline

Vendor Contacted...........: 2009-12-14
Fix from Vendor............: 2010-12-14
Advisory Published.........: 2010-12-15

=====[ Affected Versions

IBM TSM 6.1: through
IBM TSM 5.5: through
IBM TSM 5.4: through
IBM TSM 5.3: through
- Potentially older versions of IBM TSM dsmtca

Not vulnerable:
IBM TSM 6.1.4
IBM TSM 5.5.3

See IBM advisory IC65491 for details:

=====[ Vulnerability

When IBM TSM communicates with the suid root backup client
dsmtca, it is handled through pipes. The function
GeneratePassword() does not perform boundary checking, which can
lead to a classic stack based buffer overflow - making local
code execution possible.

=====[ Exploitation

The LANG environment variable gets copied to a fixed location in
memory. An attacker can achieve arbitrary code execution by
placing his shellcode in the variable, and then overwrite the
return address of GeneratePassword() with the known address that
the value is copied to.

=====[ Credits

Discovered by Peter Wilhelmsen and Daniel Kalici, Kryptos Logic.
Exploit developed by Peter Wilhelmsen and Morten Shearman
Kirkegaard, Kryptos Logic.

=====[ About Kryptos Logic

Kryptos Logic is a group of talented computer security experts
from around the globe that has coalesced into a highly effective
team. We provide a wide range of security products ranging from
binary analysis, instrusion management systems, anti-piracy, and
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