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Subject: CFP BugCON 2014 - Mexico City

-[ BugCON Security Conference: Safety is just a myth...! ]-

Call For Papers - BugCON 2014

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--[ Description

BugCON Security Conference is one of the most important security
conferences in Mexico. BugCON 2014 will take place in Mexico City from
May 7th to 9th, 2014.

----[ Background

BugCON Security Conference: Safety is just a myth...! is the biggest
security conference in Mexico since 2008.

    BugCON 2008: The security event with the highest technical level
in Mexico...
    BugCON 2009: More than 2800 attendees...
    BugCON 2010: More than 40 talks and trainings...
    BugCON 2012: Speakers from Argentina, USA, Spain, Ecuador, Mexico...
    BugCON 2013: The oldest CON from Mexico ;)

--[ Approach

BugCON is merely a technical security conference. BugCON is focused in
getting together security researchers, security professionals,
companies, universities and goverment agencies with the purpose of
showing their latest research, networking with people involved in
security fields and get drunk ;) ... all taking place in an uncensored

This is the reason why BugCON only accepts really hardcore technical
talks and workshops related with security areas like: research, new
techniques, vulnerabilities, projects, etc. No business talks...
neither "CSI of computers" nor yellow scarves.

--[ Call For Papers

BugCON accepts spanish and english submissions. The format is 45 mins
presentation and 10 mins Q&A for talks (if you need more time because
of demo, mention it), and 4/6/8 hours for trainings.

The suggested (but not restrictive) topics are:

    0 days
    Software security
    Web application security
    SCADA security
    Wireless security
    IPv6 security
    Virtualization security
    Database security
    Movile devices security
    Hardware cracking
    Cryptography and steganography
    Computer law
    Risk managment
    Videogames and geek stuff

To send your proposal, write an e-mail to secretary [at]
with the subject "CFP BugCON 2014:[Title]", it must containt the
following information:

    Speaker name and/or nickname
    Biography (we'll be grateful if you include a photo for the website)
    LinkedIN profile, website, publications, blog, CVE's or whatever
useful to determine who you are.
    Talk or training title
    Requirements (Internet, blackboard... a beer)
    e-mail/website/social networks accounts

----[ Speakers benefits

    Accommodation for foreing speakers
    Lifetime access to BugCON

    ... uumh hey this is Mexico, your visit will be fun c[xxx]

--[ Call For Auditorium

This year BugCON doesn't have any university support, so if you can't
sponsor, share or know a place where we can do BugCON please write an
e-mail to secretary [at]

--[ Call For Sponsors

If you're able to support BugCON please write an e-mail to charity

----[ Sponsor benefits

Image sponsor will be included in informational merchandise, stands,
free tickets, mentions, banners, etc, etc... for detailed information
please write to charity [at]

--[ Call For Media Partners

The BugCON's main purpose is to motivate new people to research,
develop and be conscious of the security risk in our enviroments. For
this, we're looking for media (newspapers, magazines, T.V., etc) to
broadcast the conference.

If you're interested, please write an e-mail to secretary [at]

----[ Media Partners benefits

Image partner will be included in information merchandise, stands,
free tickers, mentions, banners, etc, etc.. for detailed information
please write to secretary [at]

--[ Important dates

CFP release: November 4th, 2013
CFP deadline: February 28th, 2014
Talks selection: March 15th, 2014
Schedule release: March 30th, 2014

BugCON trainings: May 7th, 2014
BugCON talks: May 8th and 9th, 2014

--[ Contact

Papers submission: secretary [at]
Sponsorship: charity [at]
Donations: charity [at]
Twitter: @BugCON

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