Re: [SE-2008-01] J2ME Security Vulnerabilities 2008

Subject: Re: [SE-2008-01] J2ME Security Vulnerabilities 2008

* establishing of arbitrary phone calls

From RFC 3966 (

11.  Security Considerations

   The security considerations parallel those for the mailto URL

   Web clients and similar tools MUST NOT use the "tel" URI to place
   telephone calls without the explicit consent of the user of that
   client.  Placing calls automatically without appropriate user
   confirmation may incur a number of risks, such as those described

   o  Calls may incur costs.
   o  The URI may be used to place malicious or annoying calls.
   o  A call will take the user's phone line off-hook, thus preventing
      its use.
   o  A call may reveal the user's possibly unlisted phone number to the
      remote host in the caller identification data and may allow the
      attacker to correlate the user's phone number with other
      information, such as an e-mail or IP address.

So, if you are referring to the callto: security risk on most all mobile browsers, they already know.

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