MySpace Scripts - Poll Creator JavaScript Injection Vulnerability

Subject: MySpace Scripts - Poll Creator JavaScript Injection Vulnerability

[HSC]MySpace Scripts - Poll Creator JavaScript Injection Vulnerability

Our MySpace Poll Creator script is the ultimate addition to your MySpace resource 
site. The script enables your user to quickly and easily create a poll that they 
can post to profile or bulletin to all their friends. Everyone loves to create a 
poll and gather opinions and this isn't something that's available on every other 
MySpace resource site.

Hackers Center Security Group (
Credit: Doz

Risk: Medium 
Class: Input Validation Error

Product: MySpace Scripts - Poll Creator

* Attackers can exploit these issues via a web client.

Cross-Site Scripting:

Example of Advance Exploitation of the Application:

Once we have found that the application is vulnerable to JavaScript Injection we see
that there is a form that will be our source of input to alter page source code the Files.
Now we can advance this type of attack by injecting an evil script trough 
/poll/index.php?action=create_new. Now we can inject any code into the Raw From Box 
and submit. This will leave a persistent Code on the Server side.


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