#CONFidence 2014- Call for Papers, only 0111 days left to become CONFidence ninja

From: Andrzej Targosz <andrzej.targosz@proidea.org.pl>
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: #CONFidence 2014- Call for Papers, only 0111 days left to become CONFidence ninja

It should be a boring, long CfP but we decided to cut it;-) So, just few points:

#CONFidence 2014 - Call for Papers - 27-28.05.2014 Krakow, Poland
The conference will take place on 27-28th of May 2014, once again in Krakow. As always it will be happening in between BerlinSides and PXE, so that if you're up for a week full of IT Security conferences, you can add Krakow to your itinerary.

#Is it open to anyone\u2026 yes and no
We invite all of you \u2026. actually not all of you, but only the few of you who want to share your deep security knowledge and also get some hacker exposure in our community to send your proposed topics and abstract of your presentation until February 14th, 2014. Please, remember that CONFidence is an open, international conference and all presentations should be given in English.
If you have a hot, fresh topic to propose, we can wait for your submission until March 5th, 2014, but please send us a short message on the topic in advance so that we know about your proposal.

Applications should be sent to andrzej.targosz{@}proidea.org.pl until February 14th, 2014.

No more marketing stuff!

# Misc

CONFidence conference is a non-profit event and speakers are not paid. However, we always try to provide financial help and cover travel expenses and accommodation. Terms will be agreed upon after the acceptance of your submission.

#CONFidence Team 

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