Hands-on Mobile (Android & iOS) + ARM Exploitation Training at Toorcon

From: Aditya Gupta <adi0x90@gmail.com>
To: bugtraq <bugtraq@securityfocus.com>
Subject: Hands-on Mobile (Android & iOS) + ARM Exploitation Training at Toorcon

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to announce that, I'll be running a 2-day class on Android,
iOS and ARM Hands-on Exploitation at Toorcon 2014 in San Diego this
October. The training will focus on a hands-on approach to find vulns
and exploit them on mobile applications as well as the platform as

All the exercises will be performed on a customised Mobile
Exploitation training distro
and on a set of vulnerable labs built for Toorcon class. The labs
contains of over 25+
challenges over a span of 2 days along with 2 final CTF competition.

 The goal of the class is to take the students from a ground level to
upwards of you being
 able to find and exploit vulnerabilities in any real world
application. Some of the topics
 that will be covered are :

 [+] Internals of Android and iOS Security architecture
 [+] Finding application based vulnerabilities
 [+] OWASP Mobile Top 10 and lesser known vulns
 [+] Exploiting Platform based weaknesses
 [+] Assessing security of native apps
 [+] Breaking obfuscation for mobile apps
 [+] Security weaknesses in BYOD/MDM solutions
 [+] Dex and Smali Labs for Android
 [+] ARM Exploitation on Real world scenarios

 Attendees will also be receiving :

 [+] 3 months free access to online labs for mobile exploitation
 [+] Reference materials for mobile exploitation
 [+] Mobile Application Security Checklist for developers & security
 [+] Winners of CTF will also receive author signed copy of "Learning
Pentesting for Android Devices"

 I've been running a previous version of this class for the past two
years at Toorcon,
 receiving amazing feedback from the students. Apart from Toorcon, a modified
 early version of this training has also been conducted at BlackHat,
Syscan, OWASP AppSec, Brucon, HackInParis etc.

 There are limited number of seats which usually fill out quite fast.
Register your spot
 for the training by sending out the mail to secure[at]attify[dot]com
for discounts, or
 could directly register from the website

Looking forward to see you in class.

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